Emergency Gas Boiler Repair Knottingley

Have a new A+ rated boiler fitted and start to save money on your monthly energy bills now.

Of course, there are a lot of great benefits to having central heating with a gas boiler, still, every now and then, you’re quite likely to come across a problem.

While it’s probable that the situation you have will be exceptional, the large majority of the time you’re more than likely to find that your boiler situation is a common one. This means that choosing the correct resolution will be much simpler and faster than what you thought.

A number of boiler situations can essentially be prevented by getting your boiler serviced often, we strongly recommend at the very least once a year.

The Six Most Usual Gas Boiler Repair Problems

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  1. No Hot Water
  2. Your Boiler Is Leaking Or Dripping
  3. Odd Sounds Coming Out Of The Boiler
  4. Extinguished Pilot Light
  5. Low Pressure Boiler
  6. Problems With The Thermostat

1. No Hot Water – Essentially, your boiler is not doing its job anytime this occurs, and there are a few probable causes.

  • An airlock or diaphragm is damaged.
  • There is a low level of water.
  • There can be some thing not right with your thermostat.
  • One of the motorised valves has broken.

The easiest and first things that you can check out are the boilers water pressure and the thermostat. If it’s any one of these problems then follow your boiler suppliers procedures for correcting these situations. If it’s none of the above then you need to contact a Gas Safe registered and qualified boiler technician to look into the situation correctly.

2. Your Boiler Is Dripping Or Leaking

Leaks and drips are a common sign of a potentially far more significant situation, however, unless you’re trained to do so you should not have a go at to work out the situation yourself. A number of the causes for your boiler to be having drips or leaks are going to need an authorised boiler technician to deal with them. Drips and leaks are typically brought on by a faulty pressure valve or pump seal. After it’s repaired, you may need to lower your boiler’s pressure, your gas technician will be able to advise you on how to do it.

3. Odd Sounds Coming Out Of The Boiler

Maybe the most noticeable of all boiler situations is when your boiler begins to produce peculiar sounds, for instance, gurgling or banging. It is probably that air is caught inside of the system is the problem, however, it might additionally result from low water pressure. However, the situation may also be more serious, like your boiler reaching the end of its life and you require a new boiler fitted.

4. Extinguished Pilot Light

The remedy for an extinguished pilot light is very easy, just relight it. However, right before doing that you ought to have a look at your system to determine if there is a more dangerous problem first. Problems you might find include:

  • A close-by draught extinguishing the pilot light.
  • Build up close to or around the {pilot}light which extinguishes it.
  • The source of the gas could be stopped by a thermocouple that needs repair.

If you do find something that you think might be a problem then you ought to speak with your local boiler technician to look into and if needed fix before you try to relight the pilot light.

5. Low Pressure Boiler

Loss of pressure in the boiler can be a signal of a problem with your heating system itself. You are able to review the pressure of your boiler by looking at the pressure gauge and making sure that it’s more than 1. If it’s not, then there is a problem someplace inside of your heating system that requires to be checked out by an authorised boiler technician.

6. Problems With The Thermostat

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An incorrect thermostat may create several problems, so it’s vital to set up a routine schedule (at the very least once a quarter) to ensure that the thermostat is operating as it should. It is an easy test. You simply start by making sure the thermostat is placed in the correct position and has the correct setting and that the boiler turns off when you lower the temperature setting and then back on once more when you increase the temperature setting.

In Summary

The above situations are the leading ones that our gas technicians are called for. If you’re in any doubt at all then it’s safer to contact an authorised gas technician that is on the Gas Safe register to have a look and advise you.

If you do have a problem with your boiler and require a 24 hr boiler repair then contact our Knottingley office and book a visit with one of our local 24 hr emergency boiler repair engineers.